Lily Afshar – Gitarristin aus dem Iran – Professorin für Klassische Gitarre in Memphis

Lily Afshar stammt aus dem iran, mit 10 Jahren begann sie Gitarre zu spielen. Sie hat in den USA Gitarre studiert und durfte noch Andres Segovia vorspielen.

Lily Afshar’s grandparents were born north of Iran in Azerbaijan and later moved to Tehran where Lily was born.  She was 10 years old when she began learning the guitar. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music degree in guitar performance from The Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory of Music. At Florida State University, Lily became the first woman in the world to gain a Doctorate of Music in guitar performance. She has studied at the Banff Centre for Fine Arts and the Aspen Music Festival. She received Diplomas of Merit from the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy. She was selected to play for Maestro Andrés Segovia in his master classes held at the University of Southern California.

Lily Afshar gibt regelmäßig Meisterkurse, auch in ihrer Heimat im Iran.

Sie hat unter anderem Persische Lieder für Gitarre bearbeitet, diese sind im Melbay Verlag erschienen (siehe unten). Hier ein schönes Beispiel:

LILY AFSHAR – Virtuoso Guitar – Five Popular Persian Ballads

Persian and Turkish music is performed by classical guitar virtuoso Lily Afshar. She plays solo guitar music from around the globe featuring old and newly-composed pieces from Iran, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Cuba and Argentina.

In dem folgebnden Video erzählt sie über ihre Herkunft, ihr Studium, die Gitarre, ihre CDs und auch über den Blues:

My Memphis – Lily Afshar

Lily Afshar talks about classical guitar and her life in Memphis.

Playliste mit verschiedenen Videos:

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NPR: Classical Guitarist Traverses ‚Hemispheres‘

Originally from Iran, classical guitarist Lily Afshar stayed in the United States after the Islamic revolution in her homeland. Like her life, her music crosses continents.

Afshar talks to Robert Siegel about how her father presented her with her first guitar, the qualities and traditions of Persian music and the only concert she ever cancelled.

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