Marco Tamayo spielt Threnody von Stephen Goss

Der Gitarrist Marco Tamayo hat ein schönes Video mit seiner Aufnahme der Komposition Threnody von Stephen Goss in seinen youtube Kanal gestellt. Ein tolles Stück für Gitarre, und eine Interpretation die mir sehr gut gefällt.

Threnody ist ein Auftragswerk für den 52. Internationalen Gitarrenwettbewerb in Alessandria.

Stephen Goss ist Professor für Komposition an der University of Surrey, UK. Er ist ebenfalls Direktor des International Guitar Research Center.

Marco Tamayo plays Threnody by Stephen Goss

One camera, one take, a perspective of a beautiful creation. ‘Threnody‘, by composer Stephen Goss, is a work that contains a palette of emotions from pain, frenzied and manic obsession, optimism, lyrical contemplation, serenity, and many more in between. I would say that it is a work for all tastes, a well structured and functional composition for the classical guitar. As great as emotional, this is a work that has great meaning for me. Today, in the official publication of this audiovisual production, recorded yesterday in a single shot, with a camera and without cuts, I want to thank the composer for his mastery and wisdom, for his symbolism and culture. I want to thank the musician, guitarist, composer, and my sound engineer Ronny Wiesauer for his always great work, for his availability and simplicity. Sincerely, Marco Tamayo

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